Early Releases off "Another One" Album by Mac Demarco

He's the tobacco industry's favorite jester. A denim-clad blast from the past. The proud inventor of "jizz jazz." The alternative scene's gap-toothed dream boy.  He's the one, the only, Mac Demarco. And he's got me by my metaphorical, twangy guitar-glutton nuts. I apologize in advance for any off-putting imagery my metaphors infer. 

If you are a fan of Demarco, you know his fourth official album, "Another One," is dropping on August 7th! Squeal! If you are not familiar with Viceroy's unofficial spokesman, let me fill you in a bit on Mr. Demarco:

Mac Demarco is a spunky 25 year old Canadian-born solo artist most notable for his off-kilter pop and innovative yet simple riffs reminiscent of the 70's. He self-produced his first album "Heat Wave" in 2009 with the group "Makeout Videotape" until breaking off into a solo career in 2011. He blew away the kind folks at Captured Tracks with his 2012 EP, "Rock and Roll Nightclub," eventually going on to create an entire album under the label. He also released the  albums "2" and "Salad Days," finding the most success with young adults. Mac and his long time girlfriend, lovingly referred to by him as "Kiki," currently reside in New York City where they spend their days adventuring the urban frontier.

The impromptu biography is over now. You guys can stop skimming.

Alright so back to the intended purpose of this post! Thankfully for us (me), Captured Tracks graced us with the early release of a few choice tracks. Here is my review:

"Another One:" Imagine you're walking down Mainstreet and you are acutely aware of the possibility of anything as the sky loses its hue. You peer into that abyss of "maybes" and snap out of it only to realize you haven't moved an inch and its begun sprinkling. You hold out the palm previously buried in your pocket and to your surprise, each droplet gives off an echo as it collides with your skin. You look up excitedly to share this phenomena, and the once bustling metropolis is an empty as your datebook. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how I would describe this song. I apologize once again for the dramatic metaphor, but technicalities could not summarize this tiny slice of heaven.

"No Other Heart:" Starts off with quite a groovy little intro if I say so myself, reminiscent of his early tracks on "Rock and Roll Nightclub." The lyrics are chockfull of the usual Demarco yearning but with a surprising new trend I've observed in his more recent work; insecurity. He claims that the object of his affection does not match his obvious infatuation. A bit confusing because of his (as far as I know) successful relationship with his longtime girlfriend but we must not limit his subject to merely himself. Good song, lullaby-like, but it holds no candle to "Another One."

"I've Been Waiting for Her:" Immediately starts off with a more rock-and-roll vibe. I dig. The lyrics, I have to say, are just the right amount of sappy without being gooshy (ew luv lol gross!!!). Mac lost me a bit with the chorus, but reeled me right back in with a groovy-as-hell guitar solo. I'm a sucker for groovy guitar solos. I give this song a strong 7 out of 10. However, after enough repeats I bet my bippy I'll be hooked. 

Amazing taste of what is to come in early August. Nice one, Mac. 

Stay tuned for a complete album review!